SGS Sports Analysis (1968-75)


I doubt if anyone is much interested in an analysis of some SGS Sporting results - but I've done some anyway.

Lest we forget, I should point out that we played a reasonable amount of sport at SGS in my day. Two full matches (Wednesday and Saturday afternoons), two 'before lunch' periods of sport and two periods of PE per week. One evening a week in the autumn term, our boarding masters also supervised a 'pirates' session in the main school hall. You simply couldn't do this today as the school health and safety police would not pass the risk assessment.

Using the Shastonian magazine as my source I've produced some basic analyses of the sporting results for the 1st XI Cricket, 1st XI Football and 1st XV Rugby teams.

I've only produced them for the time I was at SGS, namely 1968-75, and I have to say it's a pretty dismal record. Only a couple of people scored over 50 at cricket and no-one scored a century. No team won more than 50% of their games - except Summerson's 1971 Football 1stXI and another notable exception.

The U15 Rugby team of 1971 was a record breaker.

Some of the winning scores were huge e.g. 86-4 against Bishops Wordsworth. According to the Shastonian: "They won all the matches they played against teams of their age group, and scored more points in a term than any other side has done at school." The star of the team had to be Chris "Coco" Edgley (mistakenly referred to as Colin by the Shastonian editor) - a fellow Roman and best friend. The only two games we lost were claimed to be to 'older' teams from the much bigger Bournemouth School.

But I can't blame the opposition. There must have been many under-15 boys in opposing teams who prepared to meet their maker when faced with Stan Burgess (RIP) thundering towards them...

Stewart McKie (SGS 1968-75)

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